Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBH?

IBH is a cryptocurrency called iBitHub. Visit for more Info.

My player is broke, what now?

You must buy IBH from a Cryptocurrency Exchange. YOU CAN BUY IBH HERE.
You then withdraw those coins to your IBH Deposit Address, located in your account.

My balance is not correct. I need help.

Contact us on our discord at iBitHub Discord

How does Cashing Out work?

When you cashout, you withdraw ALL of your IBH chips to the desired account. There is a .001 IBH Transaction fee.

What is the Move Timer?

The move timer ensures that smooth table play continues by auto folding or dealing hands if a player does not take their turn within the time limit set by the site administrator. If a player repeatedly fails to take their turn they will be kicked off the table and any money left in their pot will be added back on to their total bankroll.

Why did I get kicked from a game?

Players are automatically kicked if they repeadedly fail to take their turn and the game has to auto move them or if they lose connection from the table for more than the allowed time. The lengths of time are variable as they are set by the site administrator.